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I think this effectively just kicks the can down the road. You, Mark, are the ultimate decider on whether a suggestion gets submitted. You have the power right now, since new topics are moderated, about whether to accept a suggestion (i.e., allow it to be posted), or not. Rejection could be because you recognize it as a previously proposed suggestion, or similar enough to a previously proposed suggestion, to not warrant its own topic. You could presumably also accept it and immediately merge it with the similar (or identical) existing suggestion. 

I think that ultimately, someone besides members of the beta group, or of any subgroup of it, has to start keeping track of suggested features. I think, with all due respect, that is up to someone in the company, which I think at this point is just Mark. ;) Perhaps in the future it could be delegated out. But, unless I am misunderstanding something, which is a distinct possibility,  my stomach turns at the idea of turning the responsibility over to a subgroup. I doubt I would even join such a group.

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