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On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 09:56 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
people should not be banned from expressing genuinely held reservations about something
Especially should be allowed if the genuinely held reservations have to do with concern for the product as a whole, rather than a personal desire or dislike, respectively, for a suggested feature. This is especially true in the case of suggested optional-per-group features. When argued against, there is often a backlash by some here to the effect that "just because you don't want it, don't assume that other groups don't want it." I may or may or not a suggested optional feature x for my own group. But regardless of whether or not I personally would find it useful, I may argue against it because I feel that having the feature in some groups and not others would cause confusion at a higher level, when users see it one group and assume it's there in another (and vice-versa) and get confused by the inconsistency. So there are genuinely held reservations that have more to do with global rather than personal, local concerns.

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