moderated Coordinate banning w removal #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

The process and effects of banning vs. removing a member are now slightly better coordinated than they were before (e.g., banning a member now also adds them to the "past members" list, which was formerly not the case).

However, the two functions are still severely uncoordinated. This request is to determine exactly what each currently does, and what each should do, in order to better coordinate with the other and to better match expectations. Current problems include

  1. Banning a member now adds them to the "past members" list, which is good; but the records do not match in several ways, including notably the "notes" field.

  2. Banning a member still does not actually remove them in certain senses. For example, the member's display name ceases to show in their messages when someone has actually left or been removed from a group. However, it still shows when the member has been banned. (They are still not actually removed in this sense.)

  3. Clicking on the banned member's display name within their posts brings up their full membership page, as if they are actually still a member of the group. Whereas a "true" removed or "left" member has no such member page any more; they only have the foreshortened record in the "past members" list.

There are undoubtedly more instances of mismatches; I have not done the analysis. I think that intuitively, banning a member should remove them from the group, with all that entails. So that basically, banning includes removing. The removal should be done automatically when the mod bans someone. There is probably more that needs to be considered, given the anomalous way separate records are created for banned members, but this area is still very messy and in some cases results in very nonintuitive effects. It seems that bandaids have been applied? (no pun intended) instead of doing a thorough analysis. The whole thing should be cleaned up.

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