moderated More mod-permission granularity #suggestion


(Copied over from the Canny board)

The granularity of mod permissions is currently very crude. Pls add settings for the group owner to control

  1. Whether or not a mod is privy to receiving owner messages. Currently, the mod themselves sets it as an email delivery setting, and it is assumed that all mods are privy to these messages. Instead, access permission would be granted by the owner or not, and only if access permission has been granted would the mod would be able to set their email delivery preference to actually receive or not receive them.

  2. Whether or a not a mod has access to Member "Notes" pages. For some mods, a group owner may want these to be private in the sense of limited to certain mods only. They may, for example, contain personal info about the member that should not be widely distributed if there are several mods. Etc.

  3. In general, review all the possible things moderators currently have access to and permission for by default, and consider making them individual mod settings.

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