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On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 07:42 PM, wrote:
Main@beta seems to be where to submit requests or ideas for consideration.  It’s a “different set eyes, ears, and mindset" from GMF.  Any response from you is, by definition,”official.  Nothing from GMF is "official words”.  That difference is what brings some of us newbies here seeking authoritative words from “on high”.

While I completely sympathize and understand your predicament, I think it's important to recognize that virtually nowhere else would you expect the founder, owner, and sole developer of a major software product to make himself available for routine "help" questions about how to use the product. So I think it's unrealistic to come to beta as a newbie because he is here, and because he is the official word, and to expect forebearance for and answers from him for basic questions about how to use the product.

That's why he has designated other groups for that, such as GMF and Group_Help. The people in those groups are more than capable of answering 99.9% of questions from people new to the product. You don't need the "official" word from Mark on how to use hashtags, or how to use advanced subscription preferences, or nearly anything else that already exists as a feature. But, you might say, how do you know if something already exists as a feature or not? Simple. Until you are really familiar with the product, you ask in one of the help forums whether it already exists before making your suggestion on beta.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope I'm not being presumptuous in answering a question that you clearly meant for Mark. Mark is the creator of the whole thing and shouldn't need to answer questions like this. Although he will probably answer anyway. :)

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