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Thanks for your response. It is very helpful, after making a suggestion, to have an idea of which way you are leaning on it. 

At this point I have no particularly compelling example. The request was motivated by my futile attempt to keep my yahoo query from generating onlist replies. At the time, not knowing that the limited hashtags were on the way, I had a brief thought of asking you to set the topic to private replies only. Some other groups I’m aware of have a specific hashtag #OT that is set to private, and I thought that could cut down on the clutter that occurred last night. I was actually glad that you finally locked the thread.

The main kinds of off-topic posts I see in beta involve “help” questions. Even with the new hashtag restrictions, topics here frequently start with a valid suggestion but then quickly devolve into long, drawn-out “how to” threads that don’t belong in beta. I think that adding a “private” hashtag even to those kinds of threads, once they take off in that kind of direction, could actually cut down on clutter and messsges that don’t belong in beta.

I think a hashtag like #OT would be used very infrequently by group members themselves, and when used, would result in only a single message onlist. Whereas if the hashtag could be used by you to stop topics from going in the wrong direction.

That’s the only case I can make right now. 

On Jan 20, 2020, at 4:35 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 04:28 PM, J_Catlady wrote:

It might be helpful to allow beta members to start topics that they only want private replies to, either because they are somewhat off-topic and they don’t want to clutter up the message list with the replies, and/or they want to communicate with others offlist about the subject for some other (non-nefarious) reason, thinking that beta members may be the best-equipped to discuss it with. To that end, I suggest a beta hashtag set to private replies only and usable by non-mods.

My first inclination is to not do this. I thought there was too much off-topic stuff on Beta recently, and I'd like to avoid that going forward. I'd like it to be more focused than it has been recently. If you have a specific example, I could be open to changing my mind. But I think it'd have to be compelling.

Thanks, Mark


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