moderated WIKI page / sidebar layout request #suggestion


The Wiki user sidebar takes up a lot of real estate - maybe unnecessarily so -- especially on a laptop.  Some pages are not text - I just show an example displaying text info that is an image.  Could the layout be improved by adding any/all of the following?
(See my red edits on screenshot) 

* A narrower sidebar (or MOD settable width would be best?)  It would force links (and txt) to be more conservative (as U do on the left menu) or be multi-line.
* Being able to expand the wiki page content frame to full screen (going browser full-screen expands everything, not only the wiki content)
* Being able to hide/unhide/collapse/shrink or slide-right/expand the sidebar - whatever works. (using typical shrink/restore icons.) (initial/default view being MOD settable or a cookie-remembered, etc)
* Just as you have a scoot-to-top icon - adding a jump-to-bottom (needed for long pages to jump to Edit/Save/other options.)


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