moderated sticky New Group Charter #admin


Hi All,

This is the new charter for the main beta group. This message outlines how I've changed the set up and would like to run the group going forward.

This group now requires topics to be tagged with a hashtag. These are the currently available hashtags for users:

  • #bug
  • #meta
  • #misc
  • #suggestion

You can see their descriptions by going to the Hashtags page. There are additional hashtags, but they are set for moderator use only. If you want to post something and are not sure which hashtag to use or there isn't an appropriate hashtag, use #misc, and I will fix it. But please try to use the existing hashtags whenever possible, as I will be limiting the total number of hashtags. #meta is the tag to use when making suggestions about this group.

During cleanup, I combined some of old hashtags into the new hashtags, but mostly I deleted them as they didn't directly fit into the new scheme.

This group is now set so that all new topics are moderated. Therefore, expect a delay before your post shows up if it creates a new topic.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Mark

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