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Dave Wade


Perhaps rather than “limping along” they are now enjoying their newfound freedom. No more moderation, no more having their e-mails modified. Just post and it appears.

(for those that don’t know Yahoo has removed moderation of messages)

I would just chill until the spammers take over, as has quickly happened with many groups, as without effective moderation of content, it will be difficult to keep groups with any sort of public visibility clear of spam.

And if you don’t have public visibility then as members fall away the groups will shrink to a size where they become useless.



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If anyone is still running a yahoo group, could you contact me offlist? I have some questions. I'm now running the groups.io "takeover" of our block's former yahoo group (they refused to transfer), but the yahoo group is still limping along in the background and I have some questions about what that moderator can and can't do in terms of inviting people to the old group, managing the membership list, etc. My email address is 
j.olivia.catlady [at] gmail.com, or you can PM me from this message.

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