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On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 08:57 AM, wrote:
I am receiving upwards of a hundred emails in 24 hours from GMF.  As Owner of two groups that have operated decades with very little “moderation” I just can’t afford the time necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff.  So I will soon unsubscribe...I have another life which cannot afford the seemingly ever-increasing time necessary to even skim all these questions and answers.  Too much “noise”
WRB --

Before you take the radical step of unsubscribing, consider trying one of the advanced subscription options. (From the left side menu, select Subscription, then scroll down and click on Advanced Preferences.) The combination that might be most useful for your situation is Following Only, First Message Also, and Auto Follow Replies. These settings will work if you have selected Individual Emails or Digest, but do not override Special Notices or No Email.

With those options selected you should receive the first message in a new topic. You can choose Follow in the message footer if you want to continue receiving messages in this topic. Replying to the message has the same effect. If you do nothing, you won't get anything further on this topic. You will also receive all messages in topics that you start.

At first, with the large number of topics in progress in GMF, you may need to Unfollow quite a few threads (again, using the footer options), but after that initial investment of time your participation in the group should become much more feasible for you. When you click on the logo on the left side of the top blue bar, you wil have the option of viewing all topics or just those that you are following.

Robert R.

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