moderated Re: RFE: Some ideas for locking topics #suggestion


I agree that the situation is not optimal, but have not taken the time to digest and be able to comment on your specific suggested improvements. I will say that currently, because of the problems you mention, I rarely lock topics. Instead, if a topic is current, I post a message that it is "now closed" and then I put it on moderation. If someone posts after that, I am able to politely reject the message with a private comment that "this topic is closed." Sometimes I can make other suggestions to the person about alternative things they can do (e.g., contact the person privately, start a new thread, etc.).

FYI, in answer to your speculation, the bounce message for a locked topic does include a "reason" ("this topic has been locked by a moderator," or something like that - don't remember the exact verbiage). But even with that, the situation is probably frustrating for people, as you describe. I lock topics now only when they are either very old and no longer active, or in dire situations that have gotten totally out of control, etc. 

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