moderated RFE: Show subject line tags in message+topics list view #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy


I've noticed that when I use the multi-group message list, the subject lines of messages have their groups' subject line tags to show which message is from which group, but when I view the message list for just one group, the subject line tags are not shown.

I realise that subject line tags are not necessary if all messages are from the same group, but still, if someone views or follows messages from multiple groups at roughly the same time, it would be nice to have a visual indicator (apart from the small bit of text indicating the group name when you scroll to the top of the page) which group's messages you're looking at, particularly if there are highly similar groups, sometimes even with overlapping membership.

So, I suggest that the group-specific message list should also display subject line tags. This will help users who are members of more than one list know which list they're looking at.

(There's no need for these subject line tags to be present in "expanded" view -- my RFE is for the messages list view and topics list view only.)


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