locked Re: Favicon?

Laurence Marks

Gerald Boutin wrote:
I am curious as to how this would be used.

As far as I can tell, GIO pages already have a favicon. For example, I bookmarked the page with your post. Here is how it shows up as in my bookmark manager in Chrome

Gerald, I am referring to tab icons provided by the website you are visiting, not user-defined tabs. For example, right now I have open
  • A blue sliced globe (AT&T-Yahoo mail)
  • A tab with a serif black "W" in a white square (Wikipedia)
  • A tab with an orange circle with a small face in it (Reddit)
  • A tab with a shadowed white circle with a red cross in it (American Red Cross)
  • A tab with a rainbow suitcase in it (eBay)
  • A tab with a white square with rounded corners containing a black lower-case "a" above an orange swoosh (Amazon)
  • A tab with a yellow tag (Best Buy)
  • A tab with a white circle with a rainbow colored "G" (Google)
  • And a couple of unlabelled tabs which are Groups.io
I set NONE of these. They all rendered automatically from the associated websites. It would be nice if (for example) GMF had a wrench (It helps you fix things), and my group had a tornado or flooding house (my group is concerned with disaster recovery).

I right now I have three Chrome instances open. This one has 26 tabs. The others have 16 and 25. With the favicons. I can tell at a glance which tab I want to switch to. It has nothing to do with bookmarks.


Larry Marks

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