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On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 07:50 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
If I now set my group to MF, do all the MF badges go away retroactively?
I just tested this in my test group and the answer is no. This is in keeping with setting a group to moderated (after it's been non-moderated) and the M members keep their "M" override badges. I understand that the "override" status in all cases is meant to be an override if and only if it actually contradicts the group setting. (The one anomaly is "P," which actually has an effect even in a non-moderated group, because it allows a P member to post unmoderated even to a moderated topic.) Bottom line, I guess I will have to go through and remove everyone's override-MF status after I change the group setting. It's a PITA now, but will be infinitely easier after this hump.

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