locked Re: Favicon?

Michael Pavan

On Jan 17, 2020, at 9:36 PM, Laurence Marks <marks@bellsouth.net> wrote:

A favicon is a 16x16 pixel icon, sometimes packed with a 32x32 pixel icon (and rarely a 48x48 pixel or larger icon) into a file customarily named favicon.ico. Browsers display this icon on tabs open to their website. See the date-on-shield on a Google Calendar tab, or the rainbow-colored suitcase on eBay's tab.

There are dozens of online free favicon generators that pack the multiple images into an appropriate file, easily enough for a novice to use.

Has any thought been given to accommodating user-provided favicons?
Do we really trust or want these...

"Due to the need to always check for it in a fixed location, the favicon can lead to artificially slow page-load time and unnecessary 404 entries in the server log if it is nonexistent.[6]

The W3C did not standardize the rel-attribute, so there are other keywords such as shortcut icon that are also accepted by the user agent.

Favicons are often manipulated as part of phishing or eavesdropping attacks against HTTPS webpages."

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