moderated Re: wording of the confirmation-request

Michael Pavan


On Jan 17, 2020, at 12:33 PM, Gerald Boutin <> wrote:

Perhaps there should also be two other pieces of info:

1. Timeout: Specify how long before this expires
Yes, but will would-be subscribers understand:
"Your request to join this group will expire in 14 days, unless you request has been claimed by a group Moderator or Owner"...

I'd like to see it say:
"Your request to join this group may expire in 14 days"
"Please address any questions to: <>"

unless it is a Restricted Membership group with an active Pending Subscription Member Notice, then it should say:
"Your request to join this group may expire in 14 days if you do not reply to the <Pending Subscription Member Notice's name>"
"Please address any questions to: <>"

*I'm not sure if "Please address any questions to: <>" is already included - I didn't create a new (unknown to email address to test this.

2. Not you: What to do if you didn't want this (eg - ignore)
Already happens, it says something like:
"If you are not interested, or if <yourname@yourdomain> is not your email address, please ignore this email."


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