moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks

Bob Bellizzi

What I hear is that we all would like not only a system for inputting change requests but a method of tracking them and, when they are complete, a simple way to know they are completed.

That's all good but what's missing from it from my perspective are some other steps;

  • Each issue/bug  that Mark accepts could have the subject modified with a Hashtag of "Bug"  followed by a number that is a unique ID, e.g. "#Bug 5385", that indicates Mark has decided to  work on it.  That would give us simple way to keep track of what's in process and what's not.
  • When Mark considers the Bug/Change/Whatchamacallit complete, one or more authors of the request would be informed by Mark and allowed to perform Testing which would include a review summary of the proposed (changed) documentation
  • When complete the testers would issue a final Signoff reply, adding a #Complete or #Reject reply message.  (or whatever is decided for hashtags)
Documentation of how the change/feature works is desirable and a link to that documentation should become part of the information provided when the item is signed off by the testers.  
This doesn't preclude hashtag use for each  step but assigning a number makes searching/tracking progress much easier.

l'm sure Mark tests his changes but no one person or group can possibly cover every variation.

Bob Bellizzi

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