locked Re: Hashtags for single messages (not topics) #suggestion


>>>On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 04:19 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
But Christos's suggestion actually created a hashtag on the individual message by creating a single-message new thread. Since your reply was a response to his and mentioned a "better" way, the impression was that you thought your method of editing an individual message would accomplish the same thing. I think we're now on the same page that it doesn't.<<<

NO, C's method does not create a tag on the individual message.  And the 1st line above doesn't make logical sense anyway.  One cannot tag an individual message by creating a new message.  That is creating a whole new message/thread/topic. 
Anyone can do that with no change to the system that currently exists. It's called copy/paste/send.  That (IMO) defeats the purpose of tagging a single message within an existing thread, which is (IMO) what G had requested.  I don't comprehend why folks try to find workarounds to suggestions/requests that don't meet the desire of the original request/suggestion. It's an ailment of this group. It occurs continually and it's so dang flustrating that I have simply turned off notifications   It makes my head explode.  It's like "I don't see merit in the request/suggestion. so I'll suggest something else that shows why it doesn't need to be implemented."  I'm not saying that's the intent -- but that's how it oftentimes comes across, intended or not.

>>>and mentioned a "better" way, the impression was that you thought your method of editing an individual message would accomplish the same thing.<<<

The "better way" referred to, was a better workaround to accomplish what G requested (since C's steps do not accomplish what she requested.)
I will leave it to G to tell me that I'm misinterpreting her request/suggestion, but note her topic was to 'tag a single message,' not 'start a new thread w/ a tag on it'.

>>>Of course you can add tags to message bodies.  I, too, suggested simply using the search function as a workaround. I don't think that's the gist of the original request. <<<
1) One does not need to gist or reinterpret anything.  Just reference G's messages.  "add a hashtag to content that already exists".  No magic here - She simply wants a way to add tags that can be associated with Indv messages and presumably if implemented, it would display in a box not on a NEW message, but on the original indiv message (the tag being chosen from a mod-created set of tags.)  Where?  Who cares - displayed underneath the topic?  In the body?  In a footer? other options?  No, she did not request specifically to embed the tag as the 1st line of the message body (but that is certainly one option.)  I am suggesting a temporary method for G to accomplish what she desires during the interim (or maybe it will need to be the permanent way if not implemented.).
2) No she cannot "simply" search.  How would you currently search this group to locate all the first messages of each thread, without embedding something into each first message?

If G wanted to start a new identical topic except w/ a tag added, with one message in it, I am sure she understands she could do that, but that's not what she asked for.  Y'all are not addressing her desire - to wit: "add a hashtag to content that already existsnot, start a new message/thread (because that will not modify the existing content -- it posts new content and a new topic, which then the tagged message is outside the original thread and then the sequence and everything else gets discombobulated. 

Some examples G cited were:
"#bestof" (presumably marking something like the best answer to the question raised in this thread)
"the first message in a topic"  (presumably being able to search for all the initial posts that occurred over any range of messages and/or topics.)   
Unless the original message stays intact/within the thread, there is little benefit to another method (like adding hashtagging a different/new one, albeit exact copy of the message body.)

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