moderated Re: wording of the confirmation-request


I have mentioned here a couple of times that I think another aspect of the confirmation request wording is misleading. namely, the word "complete." The email directs the person to reply in order to "complete" their membership ("To complete your subscription, please reply to this email.") I feel the word "complete" may lead pending members of a restricted group to mistakenly think that replying to the confirmation email is a sufficient condition to complete their membership, whereas it is actually only a necessary one and they still need to return our questionnaire. We get a lot of members who need to be contacted offlist about the questionnaire, or be resent it several times, even after they've affirmatively confirmed. I think the word "complete" is too strong and the sentence should be replaced with something like "To confirm your interest in joining this group" or "To confirm that you have requested this subscription." Something like that.

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