moderated Column Width Problem

Chris Jones

Mark; I have / there is an issue with the column widths in the Member List, with insufficient space available for the email information.

By way of example I have just received a reply to a Pending Subscription message. On checking his Member List entry I noticed that he had still not responded to the Confirmation Request so I sent him an email asking him to do so, and sent a further request. (I have since found that gmail blocked the email, but that is not a matter)

I then "Claimed" his application to reduce the risk of another moderator letting him in, and the Claimed status flag duly appeared. However, in doing so it made the NC flag disappear because of insufficient space. There is no means of "Unclaiming" the application to see if the NC flag is still present or not, and as far as I can see no other place where I can see if he has acted on the resend I initiated.

Is is possible that you can adjust the column widths used on the Members List to provide more space for the email address and status flags? "Delivery" and/or Applied" are far wider than they need to be.

And yes I have created a hashtag! (Sorry)


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