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But again, she wants to tag an individual message, not modify the Topic (and thereby break the thread.)
Wouldn't it be "better" to simply open the desired message on the web GUI, edit it, add a tag (such as %bestoftheweek%) and Save w/o sending the edit back out to members?

The thread is preserved, and the desired tag is added w/ no fuss, no muss in basically one step.


On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 12:40 AM, Christos G. Psarras wrote:

As a moderator, it would be delicious to tag certain messages that turned out to be really useful, worthy of saving and sharing to the group. Since you can use hashtags to act as aggregators of particular topics (not Topics), I would find it really useful to add a hashtag to content that already exists, rather than copying/pasting into files or the wiki.

Now that I finally got what you want to do, in conjunction with J's suggestion, I do see the value, and the connection; you both want the same thing really, you on the group level, J on the user level.  Functionality like this can be useful in more than message browsing, could also be used in the Wiki as a single link to that message collection instead of lots of separate links.

In the meantime, there is a roundabout way to do what you want to accomplice, not the most elegant and not without just a bit of work, but it would work and allow you to to start the specific hashtag collections you want right now.  The catch is that it should be done though email for the least amount of work.

1. Find the email message you want to tag as #bestoftheweek for example.
2. Click on Forward.
3. Address it to the group.
4. Edit the subject and remove any other hashtag and add #bestoftheweek
5. Make sure the original Subject/Date/From/To/Date headers are shown in the message body, they should as most email apps do that.
6. Delete extraneous stuff like the original footers, antivirus SIGS, etc.
7. Send to the group. (starts a new Topic and adds it self to the hashtag collection)

You could do something similar online only, but it would be a bit more editing work:

1. Find the message you want to tag as #bestoftheweek for example.
2. If you are in message view, copy the URL link; if you are in Topic view, look at the extreme right of the message next to the date and you'll see the message number and link icon, right-click on it and select Copy Link.
3. Right-click on "New Topic" at the left and open in a new tab, switch to it.
4. Paste the in the body, along with any other text you may want to add like "Original message:" or something; or nothing.
5. Copy and paste the subject, edit and remove any other hashtag and add #bestoftheweek.
6. Copy and paste the message body.
7. Send to the group. (starts a new Topic and adds it self to the hashtag collection)
Yes, in either case the messages will appear as posted by you, that's why the forward or URL paste to give attribution to the original poster.


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