locked Re: Hashtags for single messages (not topics) #suggestion


>>>On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 06:22 PM, Christos G. Psarras wrote:


regarding the "boolean" part, you can use boolean operators in the search box, or did I miss something??

Well, butter my butt and call me a muffin.  Did I as well miss something?  I SWEAR on my walnut brownie that I read (somewhere?) that was not the case.

Was the functionality of the search feature modified (read: improved) in the past year or so? 

I searched the gio HELP page (which in itself has no search feature - hmmmmm) and didn't see anything 'bout boolean.

One note about the Help page (maybe Mark will see this) - there's a handy "Back to top" link on the sidebar, but the sidebar doesn't float.  So, being static, the only time you see the "Back to top" link is when you are already at the top of the page. 
Additionally, the Help page might make specific reference to the GMF WIKI page, not only link to the forum.  New users wouldn't be likely to realize to check over on the Wiki for a help topic when they land on the GMF.  The GNF help Wiki is good (and growing.)


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