moderated Re: Search function for Member Directory #suggestion #done

James Dilworth

+1 on this suggestion.

We have a club with almost 1000 members. One of the most common questions I hear is 'How do I get hold of so and so....' - People regularly post to our whole list just to seek an email for someone. We want our members to be able to learn about, and contact each other. 

The member directory looks like it has the potential to solve this, but seems to be held back by a couple big factors:

  1. It really needs to be opt-out, versus opt-in. Currently all users must edit their privacy settings to make it work. It's hard to ask the herd to go futz with their privacy settings just to even see the directory. As group owner, I'd like to be able to set the directory as open to all subscribers, and members can opt-out if they need too.

  2. The directory needs a search function. Currently, if there are 1000 members, you'd have to click through dozens of pages to get to Zena Doe or Zebbedee Wilkins. 

This suggestion seems to have surface several times over the past year, but it seems to have been shot down by others who did not fully understand the ask. Here's a few screenshots of the opt-in problem to illustrate.

A member directory is really a key piece of our requirements for a system. It seems like you have all the pieces in place, and just need to make a few changes to bring out the power of this functionality.

FWIW, I had hoped the members list might be a workaround. That includes search, but it is clearly designed as an admin view of subscription status. Making the list visible opens the raw emails of individuals, while providing no means for them to opt-out at all. This is ripe for abuse by some randy old man.

Recognize there's a lot going on with the app. But this would be a very valuable feature for us, and I'd like to think others too. Thanks for considering. 


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