locked New feature: Photos


Hi All,

I just rolled out Photos (finally!). Permissions wise, it works like
the wiki, files, etc; you can decide whether subscribers have access
to it, and whether they can upload images/create albums.

When you create an album, you can specify whether it has group access
or personal access. Group access means that anyone in the group can
upload photos into it. Personal means only you and the moderators can
upload photos. Currently you cannot create sub albums.

Only the person who uploaded a photo and the moderators can edit or
delete a photo.

You'll see there's a default album, Emailed Photos, which contains all
the photos that have been sent as attachments to your group.

I resize the images to a max size of 720x720, keeping the aspect
ratio. I save the original sized images, but as of right now there's
no option to download the originals.

Please let me know if you see any problems or have suggestions.
Assuming nothing big comes up, I'll announce this sometime next week.


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