locked Re: Hashtags for single messages (not topics) #suggestion


The problem with implementing the suggestion is that as hashtags are designed and work in groups.io, they operate on topics, not on individual messages. They are different from hashtags as used in other media. They act nontrivially on topics and do things you can't do to messages, such as limiting the duration of the topic, causing it to be locked or moderated, etc. etc. etc..

I could envision a different hashtag operator that would act on individual messages, rather than topics, but that would be a different operator and would probably require a different symbol (and probably name, just to avoid confusion). For example, you could use ## for the current "topic hashtags" and # for the "message hashtags", the kind requested here. It would be a very big change and probably infeasible from the standpoint of users already used to the current hashtags. Or maybe, the opposite: you could keep current hashtags the same (using #) and use ## for the new (message) hashtags.

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