moderated Re: Subalbums in Photos


Another Vote for Photo Sub-folders.  This is the digital age and the concept that "you only need one shelf full of albums" is out of step with the reality of the digital age.

Years back Yahoo (from the precursor of Clubs) HAD sub-folders for albums.  I carefully sorted through all the menagerie of albums and cataloged things (Lathes, Mills, "other" tools, etc.  Then got into the brands.  It was Stupendous!

Then Yahell flattened structure and destroyed it all.  NOW you couldn't find ANYTHING and we had so many folders "all in one place you could not even find a particular album (pages and pages of albums...)

All because some propeller head at Yahell decided to get cute and "make things simple!"... Clearly had no clue what the impact was, nor the limitations they had just placed on the picture repositories...

Digital age; digital photos;   This NEEDS proper digital storage and organization.  

The reality is, we don't even need them named as "Albums".  its archaic...  Folders, directories, what ever you call them, its a mechanism for CATALOGING.  They are not "Albums"...


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