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Samuel Murrayy

On 14/01/2020 18:03, wrote:
It would appear my primary stated concerns remain unresolved.
I'm not GIO staff, so I can't be 100% certain, but everything that I've read in this thread leads me to believe the following:

If your main group was created before 15 January, then you will *always* have the ability to have subgroups (and create further subgroups), regardless of whether you currently have a free or paid package, and regardless of whether you upgrade to premium later and then downgrade to free again later in future.

After 15 January, subgroups are considered a premium feature. All groups that were created before 15 January will continue to have this "premium" feature. If your main group is created after 15 January, then "subgroups" is a premium feature, i.e. it is available to main groups that pay.

As with any ongoing premium feature, whenever you downgrade to free, you lose the premium benefit. It works like this in all web services, e.g. if we take a hypothetical online storage service that offers 100 GB for a gold package, and you then downgrade to a silver package which gives you only 20 GB, then you will lose 80 GB of storage.

[Mark's comment] is my first indication that my existing subgroup established under the temporary “Premium” membership purchased to get my groups transferred from Yahoo would disappear if and when we exercised the promised option to revert to a free group...
No, look: Mark's reply was in response to my question. My question related to groups that are created after 15 January. I tried to make this clear in my question that I was not talking about groups that were created before 15 January, but I apologise if that wasn't clear.

Fact 2:  Once my main group was “up and running” I exercised my “Premium” option to create a subgroup.
No, you did not. Creating a subgroup at that time was not a "premium option". It was included in the free package. What you paid for was the transfer of your messages into the subgroup. *Creating* the subgroup was free. *Transferring* from Yahoo (into either the main group or the subgroup) was what you paid for.

The ability of a “free” group to create subgroups means nothing if one must maintain “Premium” status to preserve them.  Such subgroups should be “grandfathered”.
But they *are* grandfathered. What am I missing?

After 15 January, no free group will be able to create subgroups. Any subgroups that were created by main groups that were created before 15 January do not have to maintain "premium" status to preserve them.

Fact 4:  Of late it has been suggested that it is only a matter of time before a 1GB data limit....

Fact 5:   Anyone at present can create a new “free” group at any time with a 1GB data limit.  Accordingly I would ask:
_Are our respective existing 1 GB data limits “grandfathered” against retroactive change?
These are separate issues that I can't reply to.

(not staff)

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