moderated Re: Direct Adds using Premium plan for 1 month as recommended

Darlene Dimitrie <dvhhemail.darlene@...>

Thank you Mark.  I cannot believe how fast you replied.  3 minutes.  That is so uncommon today for support.  I am very impressed!
Well that is great news!
We may end up on Premium anyway because I really like the next three features on the list.
We haven't tried a lot of the other things like events, calendar yet.
Also the database mapping feature sounds awesome since this is a genealogy group and our databases will definitely hold villages by name or co-ordinates.
I can see uses for reposting too.
Again, thank you for that clarification.
p.s. off-topic - I used to deal with a Mark Fletcher at Nortel/Avaya who is an expert in 911 PSAPs (Public Service Access Points).  I know that isn't you.

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