moderated Direct Adds using Premium plan for 1 month as recommended

Darlene Dimitrie <dvhhemail.darlene@...>

I know that the pricing and some policies around downgrading you plan just changed.  I have read several of these trying to figure out how this will affect what am looking into.

Here's the situation:
Created new group on Jan 9 at Basic level, figured would move to Premium when/if I found a reason to do it.
Have been adding users mostly by Invites.  There are some issues as many of our members want the simplicity they had with Rootsweb mailing lists, where basically all you do is send and receive posts.  I'm glossing over details of how they subscribe, some are subscribed manually by me, but most people use the special email address used to subscribe.  They do not want to have to create an account at all or use it.  Not everyone, but many.  We have added about 70 subscribers via invite, but with a lot of pitfalls and lots of one-on-one explaining.
So one of the things I saw somewhere, I think in the GMF mailing list and/or the website is that it is recommended to go to the Premium level on the 1 month plan and you will be reverted back to Basic after 30 days.  Does this still work with the new prices and policies?
We are grandfathered to have subgroups since we subscribed before whatever date the deadline was, so if we go to Premiums for 1 month, then revert back to Basic, do we lose the subgroups?
I apologize, I know this question has been asked in various forms already, but I am getting confused by all the variations in the questions.


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