moderated Re: Premium groups now have more storage, basic group subgroups change

So what would be the appropriate sequence and timing to (1) create a new free group to receive the information presently in a Premium subgroup such that (2) transfer of such content is not lost when exercising the option to downgrade from Premium to free status at the end of the present paid period?  Is there a way for a list owner to do such transfer within present tools/procedures?



On Jan 13, 2020, at 2:26 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 12:46 AM Samuel Murray <samuelmurray@...> wrote:

What would happen (from now on) to subgroups in groups who are premium
for a while and then changes to non-premium?  Will it be a loophole in
the system that you can create subgroups by paying for 1 month premium?

The subgroups will be deleted, after a delay to ensure that the downgrade wasn't an inadvertent mistake on the part of the group owner.


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