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To add a little more. I use subgroups too and have a few ideas for more in the future. 

Maybe just have the storage of all subgroups accessible on the same page as the main group. Rather than having to visit each individually. It does appear to be colour coded on the bar showing how much has been used, but can't see any pop-ups via mobile Web on what that slice of storage actually is or for what. 


On Sun, 12 Jan 2020 at 12:07, Beth Weld
<bethweld77@...> wrote:
Yeah, what she said....... much more eloquently than I could.

We usually have  25-40 subgroups at a time because we run various workshops during the year. We set up a subgroup for a workshop, and students participate for 2-6 months (depending on the workshop) and then we delete the subgroup.  Some workshops have a lot of participation with photos and files, and others don't.  

If the subgroups count towards the main group total, it would be very helpful to be able to see an accumulated total in the main group instead of trying to manually calculate it. If each subgroup has its own limit then I won't worry about it anymore.

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