moderated Re: Premium groups now have more storage, basic group subgroups change

Samuel Murrayy

On 10/01/2020 23:00, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Basic groups created after Wednesday morning, 1/15/20 at 9AM, will no longer have the ability to create subgroups. Existing basic groups will be grandfathered in.
I have no objection to this (I could never really see the use of subgroups).

However, I do believe that a lot of information about is not learnt from the site but from fans who tell other people about it, so it's very important when someone creates a new group that they be told what had changed (i.e. what things that people told them about the wonderful is no longer there).

What would happen (from now on) to subgroups in groups who are premium for a while and then changes to non-premium? Will it be a loophole in the system that you can create subgroups by paying for 1 month premium?


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