moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site the past few weeks:

  • BUGFIX: When a poll was created and moderated, if a group moderator edited the poll before approving it, the poll ownership was mistakenly changed to the moderator.
  • CHANGE: All premium groups now have 20GB of storage.
  • CHANGE: The 'Note Sent To Attendees' email sent to people reply yes to an event, as well as the email notifying someone they have been moved from the waitlist to the attending list, were sent from the +owner email address. They are now sent as coming from the creator of the event.
  • INTERNAL: Wrote a new utility to do some consistency checking and cleanups of the various databases.
  • API: We are now ratelimiting the /downloadarchives endpoint because of abuse.
  • INTERNAL: Developed a new system to make it easier to grep through all the various logs to research problems in the system.
  • INTERNAL: Switched from a redis-based rate limiting system to a custom system.
  • BUGFIX: When changing your email address, we were sending the warning email to the new email address when we should have been sending it to the old email address.
  • CHANGE: Display the updated date in the 'Uploaded' column in the files section.
  • CHANGE: Previously, when a group had separate footers checked, we would not try to strip out any remnant footers from incoming replies. Because some mailers combine multiple text parts when replying, we still need to look for these footers in replies, otherwise unsubscribe links could be inadvertently sent out.
  • BUGFIX: For some reason, a few people started receiving duplicate summaries the last couple of days. I refactored the code that generates the summaries and that fixed the problem even though that code hadn't been touched in months.
  • NEW: Added new Event Summary Email interval: Bi-Weekly on Fridays.
  • CHANGE: Changed Zendesk to send back an acknowledgement when a support email is received.
  • BUGFIX: For enterprise groups without a custom home page, setting disable sign up to true would result in an endless redirect.
  • CHANGE: Modified message import code to support mbox files from Yahoo Group's export system.
  • API: Added /updatewikipage, /deletewikipage and /deletewikirevision endpoints.
  • BUGFIX: For people on special messages only, the message footers wrongly said You receive all messages sent to this group.
  • NEW: Special messages are now sent with the subject tag [Special].
  • API: Changed moderated to moderation in the Group object.
  • NEW: Added additional information to the Sent message requiring approval activity log line, specifying exactly why a message was moderated. This duplicated the Message from member required approval because of virus line, which I have removed.
  • SYSADMIN: Upgraded hot spare database instance to have the same resources as our main database.
  • INTERNAL: Switched from a redis-based session tracking system to a custom system.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed line breaks in the index in the plain text digest.
  • API: Added plan field to group object.
  • API: Added nice_group_name, cover_photo_url, icon_url, subs_count, most_recent_message fields to the member_info object.
  • API: Changed the sort options for the /getsubs endpoint and added the set_home_page parameter.
  • API: First pass at /getdatabaserows endpoint.
  • NEW: Added 'Deleted Account' activity log entry for when people delete their accounts.
  • API: Added is_reply field to Message object.
  • INTERNAL: Lots of technical debt formatting issues cleaned up.
  • API: Added /getdatabases endpoint.
  • INTERNAL: Split smtpauthd from smtpd server to make things more clear.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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