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While I also see a value to be able to move a topic with all the associated replies to a subgroup (and also the corollary could also be valuable), I'm curious, when you want to move a topic in your case, is it after it had several replies, or do you want to move it as soon as you see it?

If the latter, there is a roundabout way of doing what you want to do, but before I post the way, I want to make sure to save me the typing!



On 2020-01-09 00:01, Scott Chase via Groups.Io wrote:
I really need to be able to move Topics to Subgroups, too. Our "main" group is for general discussion. And we use Subgroups to group specific genetic discussions and with only a subset of interested members. If a Topic is started in our "main" group that is specific to just a piece of a gene, I need to be able to move it to the appropriate Subgroup. Otherwise, the main group will get too broad and noisy, and some members will unsubscribe if the get too many Subgroup-type detailed e-mails.

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