moderated Re: Why not allow Edit w/o resending

RickGlaz-WEB <rickglaz4742435@...>

OTHERS Editing does not affect me (I guess). I mostly read and write
on the site so I don't see older versions unless I dig into
the edit logs....

If you "continuously refine" your posts I hope/(guess?) they *move up*
in the timeline on the Group site. I never tried to notice how that


On January 9, 2020 at 4:46 PM Samuel Murray <> wrote:

On 09/01/2020 20:54, RickGlaz-WEB wrote:

It sounds like your members edit to move the thread forward or
some reason I do not understand...
Speaking for myself, on other online forums, if editing is allowed, I
make good use of it to continuously refine my post. I want my post to
make a good impression to readers who read it, and in many web-based
forums, most readers don't read the post within seconds after it is
created. I sometimes add paragraphs to clarify things, or I delete
paragraphs that I feel detract from the central message that I was
aiming for. So, yes, my posts may change significantly after people
responded to my post, but that's their own fault for not quoting.

I do not regard making edits to a post, even significant edits, as
malicious. Sure, there will always be people who change their post to
say the exact opposite, after lots of folks "liked" their post or posted
"I agree", but forum designers should have thought about that before
they allowed editing.

A nice touch is if anyone can see a history of edits. Or, people can
write a comment about why they edited the post, and if a moderator feels
that their reason isn't valid or is misleading, they can take action
against that user, if they care enough.

The fact is that users who are used to editing on other platforms may
edit on without realising that it has unintended, devastating
consequences for mail users.

An alternative idea to re-posting the entire edited message would be
that post a short notice, "So-and-so edited this message,
click this link to see the latest version of this message", ONCE ONLY
(even if the user edits his message several times) to alert other users
that the message that they see in their mail programs is not the one
that the poster intended them to respond to.


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