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RickGlaz-WEB <rickglaz4742435@...>

How would anyone know what was edited or when?
In a Group I'm in, I try to never edit, or limit it to one time to
correct a significant typo or an error/mis-communication.
Something that should not stand/stay in the archives.

It sounds like your members edit to move the thread forward or
some reason I do not understand...


On January 9, 2020 at 1:03 PM Scott Chase <> wrote:

I am a new group owner. I am already a bit frustrated and disappointed that every single time a member edits a message, another e-mail goes out to hundreds of members again, and again, and again. It got noisy fast, and I had some members already quit.

If I unmoderate a member, I already trust them. I personally see no reason that a trusted, unmoderated member can't have the "Save Without Sending" button, too. People are used to Facebook Groups, which allow members to edit their own messages. I don't like the idea of turning editing off, because people like being able to edit spelling, typos, etc.. And I think accurate content in the database is important.

As a group owner, I'd like to have full control over the buttons my members can use in my own group, like "Save Without Sending".

Scott, Owner of GCH1-Discussions

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