moderated Re: Deleting attachments when out of space #update


How about deduplication first? Eliminate multiple instances of
the same file . . .
Right, that too would be very valuable. If I understand it correctly
your idea is roughly equivalent to (3) here:
In my experience, this is the source of much of the wasted space. We have members who read and share by email, and they just click on reply. The result is the duplication of the same image a number of times. Even if the system just checked for the same image more than once in a thread would be an improvement.

I also agree as well about posters who put a small image in their signature. By itself they add very little, but they can add up quickly and some posters don't understand they're not saved with the message, but separately. I'm wondering if any image in a signature shouldn't be stored in a members profile where it could be accessed by the system, and all images otherwise in signatures be deleted automatically.

Another 2ยข worth.


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