moderated Re: Deleting attachments when out of space #update

Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 06:58 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
In two weeks, for those groups that are over their limit, attachments will be deleted to get each group under the storage limit. Attachments will be deleted from the oldest messages first. The text in the messages will not be deleted, just the attachments themselves. I will delete enough attachments to get the group to 95% of their storage limit. After that, the process will run nightly to keep each group under their storage limit.
Mark -- Thanks for the heads-up...such is generally my understanding of how the "Out of Space" setting was intended to function. I'm assuming the extra 5% is to allow file and photo uploads to continue to work?

What happens if 95% of your quota is being used by other items -- would ALL of the group's attachments then be deleted? Not saying that's wrong behavior, but want to clarify.

Also, will upload restrictions now be enforced at the quota level (exactly 1 GB, 10 GB, etc)? In the past, some have reported substantial "grace storage" before such uploads were actually inhibited.

In this context I hope we can focus on completion of the bug-fix (and minimizing its "surprise factor" on existing groups currently over quota) before attempting to introduce new, indirectly-related features. It seems as if this thing could get complicated enough without going down that road.

My $0.02,

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