moderated Deleting attachments when out of space #update


Hi All,

The process that deletes attachments from messages when a group runs out of space has had a bug in it for quite some time, preventing it from working (insert Homer Simpson DOH! here). I have fixed that bug and will start up the process again soon, but I wanted to outline it before I did so.

There are two parts to this system, the one time notification part, and the nightly deletion part.

Starting in the next day or so, I will turn on the notification part. This part looks at all groups every night and the *first time* a group goes over 80% of their storage limit, it sends the following email to the group owners telling them this and outlining the options:

This email message is a notification to let you know that your group GROUPNAME is using over 80% of its available storage of XXGBs. The storage space is used by attachments, files, photos, database images and wiki images. You can view the usage statistics for your group here.
Based on your group settings, when the storage limit is reached, messages to the group that contain attachments will be bounced./the oldest attachments will be automatically deleted to make space.
Note: If your group is already over its storage allotment, we will delete attachments starting in two weeks from when you received this notice.
If you would like to increase the amount of storage space available for your group, please visit:
Alternatively, you can set your group to bounce messages that contain attachments.
If you have any questions, please visit our help center or contact us at

In two weeks, for those groups that are over their limit, attachments will be deleted to get each group under the storage limit. Attachments will be deleted from the oldest messages first. The text in the messages will not be deleted, just the attachments themselves. I will delete enough attachments to get the group to 95% of their storage limit. After that, the process will run nightly to keep each group under their storage limit.

There is a new activity log entry, "Attachments deleted for space." That will log each message whose attachments have been deleted. My thought is for the initial deletion that I will not log each of those messages, to avoid a mass spamming of everyone's activity log. But after that I will turn it on.

To view how much space your group is using, click on the Billing or Upgrade tab under Admin for your group.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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