moderated Personal comments on beta


Hi All,

I am back from vacation and digging through my email. I will have thoughts about what to do instead of Canny and a few other things over the next few days, but I wanted to quickly address something that I saw over the past month.

Please keep comments on beta focused on the service and on ideas on how to improve it. Resist any urge to make personal comments about other members. Sarcasm is also not a good idea; I've been burned several times by people misunderstanding my sarcasm. Comments like 'this thread should be closed' are also not helpful.

We all want the same thing, to make better, and to have free (possibly gluten free) donuts on Sunday. And yes, I know I've made that joke before on here, in a similar email to this. I think we'd all like it if I didn't have to make that joke again. :-)


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