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Brady Turner

I have set up a group for my club and a private subgroup for the club’s officers and board of directors.  Any club member can send a message to the subgroup but cannot see the subgroup.


In the Groups.IO web interface, I would like to have the default message reply to option to be ‘reply to group’ with an optional ‘reply to group and sender’.  That way if the board gets a question/issue from the club member they can discuss it within the group privately and when they come to an answer respond to the original club member’s query, but also have a copy of their formal reply to the sender retained in the subgroup (for historical context).  The board members change on a yearly basis, so in order to retain confidentiality of the internal board discussion, the default reply option should be ‘reply to group.’


In the Groups.IO web interface, looking at the subgroup’s Reply To settings there are four options:  Group, Sender, Moderators, and Group and Sender.

  1. When set to Group, the default reply goes to the Group, or if Private is selected, then the reply goes to the sender.
  2. When set to Sender, the default reply goes to the Sender, or if Group Reply is selected, then the reply goes to the Group.
  3. When set to Moderators, the default reply goes to the Mods, or optionally to the Group, or privately to the Sender (this is not applicable in my use case).
  4. When set to Group and Sender, the default reply goes to both the Group and the Sender, or optionally only to the Sender


In order to ensure confidentiality of the officers and board of directors discussion of the sender’s question, I would like the default reply to go to the Group,  but when the officers and board have reached a consensus on the sender’s question, reply to the Group and Sender so that the entire board (and the subgroup) have a copy of the response to the Sender for historical context.



Brady Turner


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