moderated Re: Feature request/enhancement -- Enlarge the vertical size of the "Your Groups" pull-down menu #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On 02 Jan 2020 22:36, Christos G. Psarras wrote:

It would be helpful to vertically-enlarge the "Your Groups" pull-down menu to account for screen Y-size and allow for more viewable groups and less scrolling.
Yes, that bothers me too. But a little-known secret is that you can get to very easily by simply clicking on the "" logo in the top left of the screen.

I know it's a bit odd that clicking the web site logo does not take you to the web site's main page (as one would expect), but to a page listing your subscriptions, but fortunately for us, that's the way it is.

(In addition, sorry for maybe hijacking the thread, the groups in the pull-down menu aren't in any logical order, whereas the groups on the Your Groups page are alphabetical, with owned groups at the top.)


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