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On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 12:56 PM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
potential-bug@“ could differentiate general support vs bug reporting.
I don't think a hashtag like that will be effective. You'll get a plethora of people using it identically to #bug, either sometimes or all the time, either because most bugs *are* still potential until they're confirmed (either by the reporting user or others), and/or because they don't know the difference between "general support" and "bug reporting," etc. etc. etc. It will be a complete mish-mosh. 

a forum to browse bugs MIGHT be helpful, but (hopefully) anything posted/searched/browsed for on there would be moot (the bug was subsequently corrected/addressed so the bug will no longer exist
I think a bugs forum might be very helpful so that you could check whether a bug you notice has already been reported and not repeat it (and/or you could add details to the thread when you find a bug you've also experienced; but I think it would be useful only if bugs are easily identifiable there by subject lines, and there again you fall prey to possible widespread misuse in not identifying bugs properly, etc. I don't think anything in a bugs forum would be "moot." First, bugs take awhile to get fixed around here; second, a fixed bug should not be removed from the system, but marked "fixed", so that people still experiencing it can report that it's not really fixed.

Regarding the prioritization of feature suggestions based on user payment rather than suggestion quality, we agree.

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