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Ok, so for one, “potential-bug@“ could differentiate general support vs bug reporting.  I do agree a forum to browse bugs MIGHT be helpful, but (hopefully) anything posted/searched/browsed for on there would be moot (the bug was subsequently corrected/addressed so the bug will no longer exist.)

doesn't your point of first running an issue thru GMF makes my point? - a high percentage of suspected bugs would/should get sorted out there (yes, no, maybe from experienced users) and then mark would be bothered with reports of only the true bugs that get filtered/confirmed via GMF (to support@ or whatever.)  For instance - the wiki sidebar issue, sorted out in 4 GMF posts (‘er messages) and confirmed an apparent bug.  GMF seems to have a pretty broad function (maybe wider than Shal intended?!?) and has confirmed a lot of “oddities” I’ll call them - not necessarily bugs that must get addressed. 

On another’s point of paid- vs freeloader-suggested features -
I presume there’s nothing preventing Mark from prioritizing all suggestions any way he desires - he knows which are generated from paid groups.  But having them all discussed on one spot certainly has obvious benefit.  Hopefully the priority would be toward those that carry the greatest improvement overall but that’s mark’s choice whether to play toward paid suggestions.  Another option (certainly not suggesting this) is two sets of coding.  Features added and available to only paid groups, but I truly believe that is, overall, detrimental in most if not every respect. 

>>>On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 10:22 AM, Sandi D wrote:

On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 01:14 AM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
As far as bugs, aren’t we SUPPOSED TO use “support@“?
Experienced users may know to email Support for bugs but the concept of emailing Support, in general, is a recognized way to ask for help and not specifically for reporting bugs.

As a newbie, I found it extremely difficult to determine if an action (or non action) was a bug or if it was user behaviour or lack of behavior. In one instance, it was complex enough to require 18 GMF posts over 5 days and even then, when "fixed", Shal recommended that I report the behavior to Support so that Mark could determine if a mechanism had failed. However, by then, I no longer had the problem. Thinking it was a Support issue, I had not captured screen shots that I would have if I was reporting a Bug issue. 

I suppose what I am saying is it is very helpful to have a dedicated bug area discussion (or email address) in addition to the feature area discussion.

I can live with known bugs that don't cause havoc and I see no reason to email support if someone else has done so and provided enough data to render a solution. It's helpful to me if I am aware of a known bug. I used to be a software beta tester so I am familiar with reporting relavent data but I see no need to repeatedly report the same data. I would find a bug discussion area interesting and helpful. 

Support to me, is when a user is stumped and needs help to figure out how to do something. Experienced users can generally determine if it's user behaviour or a bug. I have found GMF to be my Support. 

I think of Features as independent of bugs and support but they do often have a relationship with both. For example, when Support responds with a "work around" perhaps a new Feature could offer a direct approach. When known buggy behavior is the result of a certain action, then a new Feature could eliminate the need to use an action known to result in the annoying behavior.

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