moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks

Dave Sergeant

And hashtags also only really work for viewing on the web. Email
recipients may gain some advantage but the threaded views in email
clients largely make them superfluous - if only people would use the
threading features of their email clients of course, many do not (and
hashtags won't help them either).

Although hashtags are occasionally used in the groups I own they are
few and far between. Most people just don't know what they are about
(myself included...).


On 1 Jan 2020 at 5:03, Samuel Murray wrote:

I thought that hashtags only "work" if they are applied to the first
post of a topic.  Wouldn't this mean that you would have to turn beta
into a moderated group, so that you can add hashtags before the messages
go out?  Or are you (and moderators in general) able to add hashtags to
posts after they've been posted?

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