moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks

Chris Jones

On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 01:03 PM, Samuel Murray wrote:
I thought that hashtags only "work" if they are applied to the first post of a topic.  Wouldn't this mean that you would have to turn beta into a moderated group, so that you can add hashtags before the messages go out?
Members can add hashtags when they start a topic. However, at present the library of hashtags is (IMHO) a complete mess that is badly in need of rationalisation; if you don't believe me go and look at it.

I am working towards putting a semi - finite proposal to Mark, probably within the next day or two. As it will be proposed via beta I daresay it might trigger one or two howls of protest but that's a risk I am prepared to take.

Watch this space... although I might make it a new topic.


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