moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks

Samuel Murrayy

On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 06:03 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
- People who don't run premium groups cannot post to Canny.
This is an odd restriction.  I understand that you might want to give people who pay money some kind of priority attention w.r.t. feature requests, but generally feature requests should be evaluated on their individual merits, and people who don't pay can also have some good ideas (and be able to formulate it properly).

I thought of another way we could address this, using just the beta group and hashtags.
How hashtags work and the fact that they can/should be used, may be clear for you and for people who regularly frequent group where hashtags are being used, but if you want to rely on hashtags alone to separate bug reports from feature requests and from support requests, you're going to be only partly successful.  On the other hand, I agree with what others have said: many bug reports are actually feature requests, and vice versa, so it's useful to deal with both types of tickets in a single system (not in e.g. two separate mailing lists, unless there is a feature whereby a thread can be "moved" to another mailing list).

Is there a reason why you don't have two subgroups, RFE@beta and BUG@beta, where people can post feature requests and bug reports?  People will still post feature requests and bug reports to the main group, but a lot of RFEs and bug reports will end up in the right place, and you can hope that such posts will be better formulated, too.  I think that sometimes if people know that they're posting to a bug-report specific list, they'll formulate their bug reports better, whereas if they post to a general discussion group, they tend to let their fingers wander along with their thoughts.

If someone posts a feature request without the correct hashtag, I can just add it.
I thought that hashtags only "work" if they are applied to the first post of a topic.  Wouldn't this mean that you would have to turn beta into a moderated group, so that you can add hashtags before the messages go out?  Or are you (and moderators in general) able to add hashtags to posts after they've been posted?


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