locked Re: Is it better for the home screen to be group details or an archive of previous messages?


People do not necessarily go to the group web page to see messages. They may wish to see Files or Photos (assuming those facilities are to be added) and moderators may wish to perform various administrative tasks. So the group information page is the top level of a decision tree - and the banner picture helps to confirm that a member or administrator has come to the correct group and it also adds eye-appeal for the prospective member.

On 6 November 2014 11:02, Chris Leong <walkraft@...> wrote:

I wonder if people would be more likely to join a group if the messages were displayed first, rather than the group information page, once the group has a few messages.

Additionally, seeing that page each time you come back to the group probably is less useful given that you are more likely to want to see the messages, then the group information that you've seen fifty times before.


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