moderated Re: Non-permitted groups


Hi.  I am a lurker here, never post.   Always interesting to me to see the discussions.   On the group I moderate, this subject of rules comes up often.  Almost always brought up by someone who is more interested in the actual words, vs the spirit, of the rules.  As I usually remind people, we will never get every rule right - it’s just the nature of things.   Remember the spirit.  

The other thing we always remind people is that the First Amendment does not apply here - we are a private group.  Mark is right - if you don’t like it, you can go elsewhere.   It’s another sad reality that most people who quote the first amendment don’t understand it.  

Overall, kudos to Mark for establishing this space for all of us to use.  His rules, and the spirit of them, seem fair.  So does the application.  The wording could be better - perhaps remove the examples and make it about the concept (Mark - let me know if you would like some examples sent to you offline for you consideration).  

Stay warm everyone.   Here’s to 2020 being the best year it can be.  

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