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Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 01:14 AM, Ken Kloeber wrote:
As far as bugs, aren’t we SUPPOSED TO use “support@“?
Experienced users may know to email Support for bugs but the concept of emailing Support, in general, is a recognized way to ask for help and not specifically for reporting bugs.

As a newbie, I found it extremely difficult to determine if an action (or non action) was a bug or if it was user behaviour or lack of behavior. In one instance, it was complex enough to require 18 GMF posts over 5 days and even then, when "fixed", Shal recommended that I report the behavior to Support so that Mark could determine if a mechanism had failed. However, by then, I no longer had the problem. Thinking it was a Support issue, I had not captured screen shots that I would have if I was reporting a Bug issue. 

I suppose what I am saying is it is very helpful to have a dedicated bug area discussion (or email address) in addition to the feature area discussion.

I can live with known bugs that don't cause havoc and I see no reason to email support if someone else has done so and provided enough data to render a solution. It's helpful to me if I am aware of a known bug. I used to be a software beta tester so I am familiar with reporting relavent data but I see no need to repeatedly report the same data. I would find a bug discussion area interesting and helpful. 

Support to me, is when a user is stumped and needs help to figure out how to do something. Experienced users can generally determine if it's user behaviour or a bug. I have found GMF to be my Support. 

I think of Features as independent of bugs and support but they do often have a relationship with both. For example, when Support responds with a "work around" perhaps a new Feature could offer a direct approach. When known buggy behavior is the result of a certain action, then a new Feature could eliminate the need to use an action known to result in the annoying behavior.

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